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國立清華大學 外國語文學系
Although the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature is situated high on a hill in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building, students are never lonely. The Students’ Association often holds many interesting activities, such as the Welcome party and camping trip for new students, which is co-hosted with other departments such as the Power MechanicalEngineering Department and the Engineering and System Science Department. Other events include the Book Fair, Movie Appreciation Night, English Talent Show, and the Christmas Dance. All Tsing Hua students are invited to attend the events, adding vitality to the large campus.

The highlight of the year is the senior class play— in English. The students are in charge of all aspects of the play, including directing, acting, stage design, props, lighting, sound effects, costumes and make-up, and even fund-raising and publicity. Through all these activities, students not only improve their English language skills, but they also learn other interpersonal skills as they work together as a team. The annual senior class play has been a tradition in the department since the performance by the first graduating class in April, 1985, and every December it attracts an audience from on and off campus to enjoy the performance.

Students in the department are active in campus clubs and societies as well as in sports activities. Students also participate in the annual Mei-Ju Games, a series of sports competitions between Tsing Hua University and neighboring Chiao Tung University held every March.
Furthermore, students actively participate in clubs and societies, as well as a variety of other activities.

Many of the students are also important members of different clubs. Moreover, students also compete in the annual Mei-Ju Games, which is a series of sports competitions between Tsing Hua University and the neighboring Chiao Tung University.

After graduation, some alumni choose to pursue further studies abroad, start their own business, or work in communications, information technology, publishing, translation, Eng1ish teaching, and other sectors. Whichever path they choose, all alumni have outstanding achievements. There are currently 6 alumni who have already received doctorates from overseas universities and have returned to teach in National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, National Chiao Tung University, National Tainan Teacher’s College, and Yuan Ze University.